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Tuesday, 11th August 2020

Feedback : - Old Man and Scythe - Thursday 12th December 2019
Anne-marie Lee - just wanna say what a fab time myself n my sister Tracy n our mam cathy had last night at yesterday ye old man of scythe! absolutely great atmosphere n amazing results doing human pendulum n our mams dad our grandad came through! n we were blown away!! thank youn Adrian n Phil n Iain n Girls you made our mams year! ty so much n just want to say the pasty was a lovely touch! hopefully see you guys again soon!!
Feedback : - Ordsall Hall - Saturday 12th October 2019
Jayne Cobban-Hughes - Thoroughly enjoyed Ordsall Hall, very impressed with the people, attentiveness and the mediums great touch. Would recommend though using tables as opposed to using the boards on the floor, disabled people are unable to participate but I will be coming back thanks
Feedback : - Old Man and Scythe - Thursday 14th June 2018
Bolton evening News - Old Man and Scythe paranormal night summons more than ghosts Link
Feedback : - Four Crosses Inn - Saturday 12th May 2018
Gavin Gavlar Clarke - Fantastic night was an understatement, activity started from the second we walked in, me and my partner have been to numerous events with different hosts and the host for the event was the best by far, defently booking again.
Joanne Quinlan - We went to the Four Crosses event last night and it was an amazing experience. We will definitely be joining the team on other event nights they are fantastic hosts, we really enjoyed it x x x
Lea warnisham - Absolutely fantastic!! A********. All the hosts were the best hosts I’ve ever had the pleasure of going on these ghost hunts with. A credit to the company. Will definitely be booking again especially with them Thankyou for a great evening. Knackered now though as had to go work this morning lol.
Feedback : - Manchester Museum Friday 13th April 2018
Had a brilliant night. Thank you very much. Xx
It was a fab night..thoroughly enjoyed myself
Thank you to all the team. We really enjoyed spending a night in Manchester Museum. A well organized event and superb location. Look forward to seeing you all again xxx
Was a great night - had real fascinating experience with a table tipping !!
Great night, thanks to all the crew for the warm welcome. Looking forward to many more events. Elaine.
Feedback : - Palace Theatre Saturday 18th November 2017
Julie Von Bon Bon - Link Link Well organised and a totally enjoyable experience, Will be going again to further events
Natalie Clare Daly - Link Link Our group of 3/5 Enjoyed it also, We went on the ouija board and spoke to several sprirts. Cece who was married to Percy who also came throu. and Ceacar who was 1 but being looked after. Percy and Ceacar died in a Timber mill fire on the grounds before the Palace Theatre. Cece was blind and died at 88. Eric also hung about the Theatre and had a soft spot for Carol(Historian from Palace) he said he watched her eat cake and liked her smile. I was planning on taking lots of pics but my battery died as did one of our torch batteries at the same time... I also used an EVP recorder which I left and if anything was heard would love to know :) I have to say we totally enjoyed it and will be coming on more events. Jule/Suzanne/Gemma x
Helen - Great night last night! I wanted to let you know about something we didn't mention last night. Three of us sitting in a row in the middle tier, at this moment we weren't actively reaching out, just talking. I had my phone out taking pictures when all at once (within seconds) I saw a light move past my screen, the lights on the little EMF reader started flaring up to red (it had been silent until then) and both my friends gasped at exactly the same time as they felt something cold brush past them. We have nothing recorded and it's not as "impressive" as some of the things I know other people were reporting. But it felt very real and genuine. It wasn't an attempt at conversation, just something passing by us
Jo - I just wanted to say that I had a great night on Saturday at the Palace Theatre. I was on my own and made to feel welcome by both staff and guests alike. We picked a fair bit on the Ouija board including the little boy who fell from the gods an his little friend frances. My personal highlight was when I heard a seat come down on it's own, it was still down when I got to the top of the stairs. We used the Ouija board while I was sat in the seat and my Grandad came through to say he was keeping an eye on me during the night. All in all it was a great night and I will be back soon for another event. See you all soon
Feedback :- Manchester Museum Friday 13th October 2017
Ann Garside - link Excellent night xx
Michelle Darbyshire - link Thank you Paranormal City Events we had a great experience especially the recording..... 👻 See you at Stockport

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